Professional Cleaning Services for Your Home: Counting the Cost

Many parents struggle with the weight of keeping their homes clean in addition to their regular jobs. On the other hand, not having high hygiene standards can make your home inviting grounds for pests and germs, putting everyone at risk of contracting various diseases. Professional cleaning services don't come cheap, but they may be just what you need in your home if you're finding it hard to juggle other daily activities and house cleaning. [Read More]

5 Things You Can Ill Afford but Are Paying for with In-house Cleaners

If you're a small business owner, then you know that keeping costs down is one of the most important goals you have to ensure your business survives. Because you don't have many employees yet, you may be wondering why you should have cleaning services to take care of your offices; can't the tea lady do it just as effectively? But there's a lot more coming out of your pocket to facilitate in-house cleaning than you know, and maybe you should reconsider before discarding the idea of hiring commercial janitorial services. [Read More]

Rug Cleaners | 4 Steps To Remove Stubborn Dirt From Your Expensive Oriental Rug

You probably spent a fortune on your gorgeous, new oriental rug, so even a small spill or stain could leave you feeling anxious and edgy until it's clean once again. If you've decided to undertake the cleaning task on your own, then you will need to follow these steps to remove stubborn dirt from your expensive oriental rug. Alternatively, you can hire professional rug cleaners to do the job efficiently and effectively. [Read More]

How to get Rid of Cat Urine Stains

If you have cats at home, they probably use their litter box the majority of the time, but might occasionally have accidents. It is essential that you tend to these stains as soon as possible, not just due to the smell and uncleanliness for your home, but because the scent might encourage the cats to keep peeing on the carpet. Try to Blot Up Wet Stains  When you notice that your cat has had an accident on the carpet or rugs, try to blot it up as soon as possible. [Read More]