Office Cleaning Services: Offering Cleaning Solutions for All Kinds of Offices

Offices are important spaces which have evolved over time. Whereas in the past they were quite bland and boxy with simple desks and chairs, this is not the case anymore. Employers now create office spaces that stimulate employee growth, keep them happy and cater to their comfort. Nowadays office spaces are interactive, so employees may have their individual cabins but they will often be in shared spaces, such as meeting rooms where regular meetings take place, or lounges and kitchens where employees can relax during their breaks and interact with one another. Some offices even have small gardens because, in general, employees are happier and therefore work better when they can de-stress in a green, outdoor environment.

And finally, of course, you have toilets in any office. These spaces need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that the day-to-day business is running well. The toilets must be cleaned so that employees are not turned off by an unhygienic environment. Furthermore, most offices will have at least some sort of carpeting. Professional office cleaning services are employed for this purpose. They provide workers who regularly come to clean and maintain the office. 

What comprises office cleaning?

Professional office cleaning services use a range of chemicals, methods and equipment to sufficiently clean the office facilities. Routine cleaning involves cleaning floors, toilets, windows, and dining areas, vacuuming the floors and dusting every office space. The trash also needs to be taken out. Deeper cleaning may even involve removing the office linen (e.g., curtains, tablecloths) and giving them to a third-party laundry service to clean. Carpets are routinely vacuumed and cleaned with hot water every few months; this is to ensure that they do not harbour bacteria and allergens that can be harmful to those exposed. 

Contracts are given to large commercial office cleaning companies who then employ trained workers to carry out the cleaning process. These workers have been trained to use the right type of chemicals for each task.

Smaller offices may not see the benefit in employing an office cleaning company; however, these companies take small- and large-scale projects. They will have budgets to suit all business requirements. Some offices may choose to only hire these cleaning companies for additional deep-cleaning duties every few months.

It is important to ask the cleaning company what type of cleaning they can perform, how much they cost and how frequently the cleaning will be done.