Disposing of Electronics With a Rubbish Chute: Helpful Tips

Need to dispose of electronics from your home or office on a high floor? Rather than carrying it all down the stairs, hire a rubbish chute. Here's some tips to help you through the process: 1. Make a plan to recycle. In most parts of Australia, it's illegal to throw e-waste in the rubbish. This includes batteries and electronics such as computers, televisions and old phones. If you plan to use your rubbish chute to dispose of old unused electronics, you need to make a plan to recycle them. [Read More]

Carpet Cleaning | 4 Actions To Tackle Tough Turmeric Carpet Stains

Turmeric is a yellow spice often used to make curries. This spice penetrates into all kinds of fabrics and can leave long-lasting stains if not treated immediately. While prevention is certainly better than cure, you must be aware of how to remove these types of stains when they occur on your carpets. This carpet cleaning guide is designed to help you tackle tough turmeric stains on your carpets. Collect Your Cleaning Supplies [Read More]

The Advantages of ChemDry Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets can be a major investment in your home, and it's therefore important that you look after them properly.  Having your carpets professionally deep cleaned by a company that uses the Chem-Dry cleaning system is a great way of keeping your carpets in tip-top condition and helping them to last longer. Read on to find out more about the advantages of having your carpets professionally cleaned. Longevity of your carpets [Read More]

Benefits of Professional Industrial Sandblasting

There is a wide assortment of industrial cleaning services offered to minimise disruption of work and provide safe, efficient, and affordable solutions to all of your industrial equipment's maintenance needs. Industrial sandblasting is one of the most sought after industrial cleaning service rendered on the market today. It primarily involves the removal of paint, scale, and rust from various metal components found in industrial structures by blasting sand at high speeds on the surface of the object that needs to be cleaned. [Read More]