Summer Is Coming: How to Prepare Your Back Patio

Although most foreigners think that locals can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle year-round, the climate may be a little less cooperative, depending on where you live during the winter. Consequently, you may not spend as much time as normal on your back patio and will be looking forward to the arrival of summer instead. If you had a lot of rain during the off-season and did not pay much attention to the outdoor area, you may find that you need to do some cleaning before the warmer weather arrives. How can you get your patio or deck back in shape most effectively?

Pressure Time

If you're lucky enough to have an extensively tiled patio, then it may be looking a little worse for wear with grime, dirt and even some mildew in places. To make relatively short work of this, you should bring in a pressure washer as this will certainly help you to achieve your objective without too much drama.

Clear the Area

To prepare, make sure that you remove any furniture, ornaments or potted plants from their normal position so that you have a clear area to work with. Get your broom out and sweep up as much of the loose debris as you can before you begin.

Getting Ready

Then, connect the pressure washer to your water supply and allow the machine to prime itself so any airlocks that may have built up are eliminated. Make sure there are no kinks in the hose either so that you can get an uninterrupted flow of water throughout the procedure.

Using Detergent

You may need to use liquid detergent, especially if you can see a lot of discolouration and to let that set so that it will sink into the residue. You may be able to get a specific type of detergent for your working surface, and you should talk with your cleaning supplier for further information.

Selective Attachments

If you have a buildup of lichen or moss, then you may want to use a rotary pencil jet attachment to make short work of the problem. Only use this type of attachment selectively, however, as it could cause damage to sensitive areas elsewhere.

Clearing up

You may also displace some sand from in between your tiles or patio blocks, and once you've finished pressure washing, you should take time to replace as much of this as you can.

Ready for Summer

With careful application you should be able to finish this job relatively soon and restore your back patio to its former glory. Now all you need is some lasting sun and you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle once again. If you don't think that you want to go through the various steps to pressure wash your patio, then contact a pressure cleaning service to help you prepare your patio.