Why Regular Pet-Stain cleaners Are Not Enough for Your Carpets

When it comes to keeping your home clean, personal responsibility is an important trait to have. This is why many homeowners prefer to handle everything by themselves. But when cleaning your carpet, don't overlook the services that a professional can provide.

Many carpet-cleaning products available in retail stores are simply not powerful enough to eliminate tough stains, pet urine or foul odours. If you have pets in the home, you know all too well how pet stains can be a challenge to keep up with.

There are several reasons why regular carpet cleaning products aren't strong enough to get the job done.

1. They can't penetrate into underlying layers

Many regular carpet cleaners aren't designed to penetrate into underlying layers. If you have a thick carpet, a single urine stain may sip deep inside your fibres and radiate foul odours continuously.

With a regular cleaning solution, all you're doing is removing surface stains and adding an attractive scent. Unfortunately, such cleaning products don't get to the actual source of the problem. The result is foul odours, bacteria and other harmful components.

2. They use too much moisture

Homeowners mistakenly think that the more water you add to your carpet, the cleaner it will become. Lots of moisture simply makes your carpet harder to clean, and it will take longer to dry. Moisture is also a catalyst for spreading harmful chemicals throughout your home.

Instead of soaking your carpet in pools of water, dry and chemical-free cleaners are more likely to do a better job.

3. May contain harmful chemicals

Many carpet cleaners that are available in retail stores contain high concentrations of artificial chemicals. These products tend to use bleach, peroxides and other ingredients that could potentially harm your pets and your children. Such chemicals also remain embedded within your carpet fibres, which could cause lingering health complications.

Why Professional carpet cleaning is necessary when you have pets

Taking personal accountability for your home is important for any homeowner. While you may pride yourself in cleaning your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, consider leaving the carpet to professionals.

Pet stains contain harmful bacteria that could pose a genuine sanitation risk. The good news is that professional cleaners use environmentally friendly steam cleaners and powder-based cleaning agents. These products penetrate into underlying layers and permanently eliminate pet stains. And because they don't clog your carpet with moisture, you'll end up with a safe and sanitary home in a short amount of time.

For more information on carpet steam cleaning and other carpet cleaning options, consult a resource in your area.