Questions to Ask a Potential Rubbish Removal Company

When you own or manage any type of commercial facility, including an office building, restaurant or apartment complex, you'll need to carefully consider the company you hire for rubbish removal. Having overflowing dumpsters can mean scaring off potential tenants or customers, and it can also result in hefty fines from your city. When hiring a rubbish removal company, note some important questions to ask to ensure you choose the best company for your needs.

How much waste is recycled?

Recycling rubbish is very important for protecting the environment and for reducing the amount of virgin materials that need to be harvested for manufacturing processes. However, while many rubbish removal companies advertise that they recycle what they collect, this might mean only a small amount of trash and just a few recyclable materials, such as cardboard and certain types of plastic. While it's good that a company would recycle some items, choosing a company that recycles as much material as possible can be the more eco-friendly option, so don't hesitate to ask how much rubbish actually gets sorted after pickup.

Ask about their holiday schedule

Some businesses, such as restaurants, might get busier around the holidays, whereas offices and manufacturing facilities might actually be closed during this time! A rubbish removal company that takes several days off during the holidays might mean an overflowing dumpster for a restaurant, whereas one that won't change their schedule during the holidays can mean wasted visits for a closed manufacturing plant. Whatever your schedule during the holidays, be sure to ask about this, so you know that your rubbish removal company can accommodate your needs.

Ask how to keep your dumpster clean

There are many things that a property owner can do to keep a dumpster clean and less likely to be infested by rodents, roaches and other such pests and to avoid overflows around the dumpster as well. For example, your rubbish removal company might suggest that you have a monthly "large item" pickup day at an apartment complex; they might provide a larger dumpster for tenants to toss out mattresses, furniture and the like. This will help prevent those things from getting tossed in your standard dumpster throughout the month, avoiding overflow. A rubbish removal company might also suggest that restaurant workers scrape greasy pots, pans and plates into a container and use newspaper to absorb that grease so that it doesn't spill out of rubbish bags and into your dumpster. These simple suggestions can keep both your trash removal area and your entire property cleaner and safer overall.