Three Cleaning Guidelines for Your Wooden Boating Dock

Cleaning is an important maintenance process for your boating dock. The dock is exposed to adverse conditions due to the surroundings and continued usage. If the surface is neglected, it will accumulate debris, compromising aesthetics. In addition, the wood will begin supporting the growth of algae and mildew. These organisms can accelerate the degradation of the structure, necessitating expensive repairs or replacement. Under ideal circumstances, you should engage a specialist cleaning solutions business to perform marina maintenance. If you are interested in handling dock cleaning without professional assistance, consider using these simple guidelines for ideal results.

Choose the Right Detergent 

You should select the correct detergent for dock cleaning for optimal results. In general, there are multiple factors that you must consider before purchasing a suitable product for your project. The most important of these aspects is the safety of the cleaning solution. There are some products which have chemicals which will cause significant damage to aquatic life if used on docks. Therefore, you must only choose a solution which will not have a negative environmental impact. It is also important to purchase solutions which will not cause the accelerated degradation of the wood. Additionally, an ideal cleaning detergent should be capable of stripping different types of dirt, oil stains and biological growths.

Scrub the Docking Surface

You should clean off the debris in preparation for the cleaning process. The presence of particles on the dock will increase the difficulty of scrubbing and washing the surface. If the dock is relatively small, it can be scrubbed manually or with simple commercial equipment. However, if your boating dock is significantly large, you should think about purchasing or hiring industrial grade cleaning equipment. You should note that some professional cleaning companies use steam cleaning machines for this purpose. This practice eliminates the need for strong detergents and bleaching agents. Regardless of your equipment choice, you should ensure that the entire surface is scrubbed correctly.

Rinse with Pressure Washer

Finally, you should rinse off the residue formed after scrubbing the wood surface with a pressure washer. This type of equipment is the most effective for eliminating the cleaning solution from the dock. If there is detergent residue on the lumber, it could compromise the appearance of the surface and even accelerate degradation of the timber. You should note that improper use of a pressure washer can damage the dock. So, you should only use a delicate spraying pattern to protect your marine feature from high-pressure wear.