Professional Cleaning Services for Your Home: Counting the Cost

Many parents struggle with the weight of keeping their homes clean in addition to their regular jobs. On the other hand, not having high hygiene standards can make your home inviting grounds for pests and germs, putting everyone at risk of contracting various diseases.

Professional cleaning services don't come cheap, but they may be just what you need in your home if you're finding it hard to juggle other daily activities and house cleaning. Your cleaning bill will depend on the size of the house as well as cleaning frequency. Below are some benefits you can accrue that will make the cost of hiring professional help worth it in the short and longer term.

1. Reducing stress

Nobody likes to be around a mess, but when you're busy, cleaning up after yourself and your whole family can be stressful. Whether you come home from a day job in the evenings or are a stay-at-home parent, the day's activities leave you run down and you may find yourself slacking off on cleaning. The result is the guilt and constant self-berating for not doing 'your duties', or having to contend with disparaging looks and comments from your spouse, guests or in-laws whenever they come around to a messy house.

Having professional cleaners come in weekly can make a huge difference, because it's easier to keep the home clean than get it clean once it's very dirty. If you have younger kids who wreak havoc on the house, you may need them to come in more frequently. With older kids, you can even reduce the frequency to once or twice monthly. In the interim, you'll have a much easier time with the minor cleaning duties.

2. Coping with major changes

If you had a working arrangement where you'd scheduled your cleaning duties properly, you may find it thrown off-course by a change in your life. This could be the arrival of a new baby, getting a new job or moving to a bigger house among others. Such changes may leave your once-impeccable home a mess, and you will need help before you can establish a new balance given the changes in your life.

What's more, these changes may come with emotional and psychological anxiety, and having someone to take one major thing off your plate so you can focus on handling the change in a healthy way will make the cost worth it.

3. Making the most of your time

Many people may think they're saving money by handling their home-cleaning themselves, but this isn't true for everyone. Are you familiar with the opportunity cost concept? Spending your time cleaning means that you lose the opportunity to engage in any other activity during that time. Now, this is alright if you're not foregoing an income-generating opportunity to clean.  

Calculate how much time you'd spend cleaning vis-à-vis the income you'd have made in that time and determine whether the cost of hiring professional cleaners is less or more. For instance, if you could make $400 in the four hours you take to clean the house weekly or pay $150 for someone to come and do it, you'll lose $250 by doing the cleaning yourself – not to mention the backache and tiredness afterwards. In this case, you'd do better to let a professional handle the cleaning so that you can do what you do best – and get paid for it.