Rug Cleaners | 4 Steps To Remove Stubborn Dirt From Your Expensive Oriental Rug

You probably spent a fortune on your gorgeous, new oriental rug, so even a small spill or stain could leave you feeling anxious and edgy until it's clean once again. If you've decided to undertake the cleaning task on your own, then you will need to follow these steps to remove stubborn dirt from your expensive oriental rug. Alternatively, you can hire professional rug cleaners to do the job efficiently and effectively. 

Get Your Cleaning Supplies Together

For this cleaning task, you will need a vacuum cleaner, some rug shampoo, a soft-bristled brush, a rubber squeegee and water. You will be able to get rug shampoo, a soft-bristled brush and a rubber squeegee from a home improvement store while the other supplies are likely already in your home. If you decide to hire professionals, most rug cleaners have commercial-grade cleaning supplies ready. 

Vacuum And Shampoo Your Rug

Before attacking stubborn rug dirt, be sure to remove all dust and other particles by vacuuming both sides as thoroughly as possible. Use the vacuum with a brush attachment to suck out dirt and filth from the rug surface. You will now need to shampoo the rug using the special cleaner purchased. This step is key to removing stubborn stains and dirt fro your rug. Begin the shampooing process by dipping the rug in a tub of water. Apply the rug shampoo over the entire rug surface. Avoid using ammonia-based rug cleaners because they could potentially run the fabric and colour of your expensive oriental rug. It's always best to test the shampoo on an inconspicuous area before using it on the entire rug surface.

Brush The Oriental Rug

Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the rug surface gently. Pay close attention to stained and dirty areas because you will need to scrub them more than others. Avoid using too much force when brushing the rug because you could cause damage to the expensive oriental rug fibres. Start from the centre and work your way outwards to ensure that no dirt remains on the rug by brushing everything off from the edges and corners.

Rinse And Dry Rug Thoroughly

After you finish shampooing and brushing your rug, you will need to rinse it under cool running water to remove the detergent solution. Leave your oriental rug to dry in a well ventilated and dry space because moisture could cause damage and discolouration. To speed up the process of drying, let the rug remain outdoors for a little while.

Follow these steps to remove stubborn dirt from your expensive oriental rug. If the dirt is especially stubborn, then you may need professional rug cleaners to complete the job comprehensively.