Disposing of Electronics With a Rubbish Chute: Helpful Tips

Need to dispose of electronics from your home or office on a high floor? Rather than carrying it all down the stairs, hire a rubbish chute. Here's some tips to help you through the process:

1. Make a plan to recycle.

In most parts of Australia, it's illegal to throw e-waste in the rubbish. This includes batteries and electronics such as computers, televisions and old phones. If you plan to use your rubbish chute to dispose of old unused electronics, you need to make a plan to recycle them.

Talk with the chute hire company to see if they are willing to take e-waste. Alternatively, arrange a pick-up with a company who recycles e-waste or plan to take your e-waste to a free transfer station in your area.

2. Position someone at the bottom of the chute.

If you are dropping your e-waste into a bin that is also collecting rubbish, consider positioning someone on the ground. After you throw the e-waste down the chute, this individual should lift it out, and place it in a container for recycling. Make a communication plan to ensure the individual on the bottom is not in your way when you are ready to throw down the next thing.

3. Dismantle electronics as needed.

Unfortunately, some rubbish chutes are not large enough to accommodate sizeable items such as TVs or computer monitors. If you cannot fit your electronics down the chute, dismantle them first. Make sure that they are unplugged, and remove all batteries before dismantling them.

Then, use a screwdriver and a hacksaw to dismantle the item. Make sure to wear safety goggles, lest any pieces fly into the air as you pry them loose.

4. Cushion the bottom of the bin.

If possible, consider cushioning the bottom of the bin. As the electronics move through the rubbish chute, they may pick up speed, and as a result, they may hit the bottom of the bin quite forcefully. If they hit the bottom of the bin too hard, they may bounce up and hit anyone near the bin or break and send shards lying.

To avoid that, cushion their fall by lining the bottom of the bin. Depending on the size of the bin, you can use an old mattress, a foam pool lounger or sheets of packaging foam.

For more tips on disposing of electronics using a rubbish chute, contact a rubbish chute hire company like Qwik Chutes.