Carpet Cleaning | 4 Actions To Tackle Tough Turmeric Carpet Stains

Turmeric is a yellow spice often used to make curries. This spice penetrates into all kinds of fabrics and can leave long-lasting stains if not treated immediately. While prevention is certainly better than cure, you must be aware of how to remove these types of stains when they occur on your carpets. This carpet cleaning guide is designed to help you tackle tough turmeric stains on your carpets.

Collect Your Cleaning Supplies

For this task, you will need baking soda, dishwashing liquid, water, lint-free cloths, an old toothbrush and carpet stain remover. While most items are readily available in your home, carpet stain remover is easily found at home improvement stores. Once you have all your cleaning supplies, you will need to treat the stain as soon as possible to remove it from your carpet.

Mix Cleaning Solution Together

Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and some baking soda into a spray bottle filled with water. Mix the solution together until both ingredients properly dissolve in the solution. The dishwashing liquid will create a slight foamy texture in the water. If not, add a few more drops of it. Spray the solution over the turmeric stain and let it sit on the carpet for a while.

Scrub The Stain With Toothbrush

Once you've let the solution sit for a little while over the stain, spray a little more over it and scrub the turmeric stain with your old toothbrush by following a circular motion. Begin at the edges and work your way inward to prevent the turmeric stain from spreading to unstained carpet areas. Keep spraying the solution generously over the stain to saturate it completely when brushing it. Once you remove most of the stain through this carpet cleaning action, blot it with a lint-free cloth to remove the saturated liquid from the carpet. Let the stain dry for some time.

Spray Stain Remover Over The Stain

Finish off by spraying stain remover to remove any remaining blemishes and imperfections on the carpet. Let the stain remover soak for a few minutes before dabbing it with another dry, lint-free cloth. This should ideally remove any remnants of the turmeric stain on your carpet. Let the carpet dry thoroughly by opening up the room for adequate ventilation before letting anyone walk over your carpet again.

While these carpet cleaning actions are ideal for removing turmeric stains from carpets, keep in mind that stubborn and deeply embedded turmeric stains are much harder to remove by yourself. They are best removed by relying on the expertise and professional-grade equipment of carpet cleaners.