7 Signs of an Efficient Rubbish Removal Service

Local authorities in towns and cities generally remove just household rubbish. In outlying districts there may be no official garbage removal service at all.

Industrial areas also have challenges as they may have harmful or difficult-to-transport waste to be removed. Local authorities are reluctant to get involved in this kind of waste removal.

This is where private rubbish removal services come into play. Many fly-by-nights try to enter the industry so it is worth considering what makes an efficient, reliable rubbish removal service. Here are seven important qualities to look for:

Correct Vehicles

One man driving a beat-up pick-up truck does not constitute a rubbish removal service. The trucks should be covered and fit for the purpose of removing waste. The service should preferably have a fleet of vehicles, between 2 and 10 garbage removal vehicles, depending on the amount and nature of the waste to be removed.


You should avoid rubbish removers who say you have to get your own staff to load rubbish into the trucks. This might seem alright until the truck arrives at the door. You might find that you have to remove staff from important jobs they are doing in order to haul the waste out to the trucks. So the firm you hire must have its own garbage men.


Generally professional waste removers have to be registered as businesses and be recognised as official waste removers by the local authority, such as a municipality. This is because they will most likely be depositing the rubbish in a city or town dump, which is administered by the local authority.

End destination of waste

Your rubbish removal service must be quite clear about where the waste will be deposited. This might be a town dump, a builder's landfill area, a recycling plant or a crematory where the waste will be burned.

Material profile

Be completely clear about the kind of waste you need removed. This might be garden waste, building rubble, organic waste (such as vegetable or animal waste) or even human waste. A good rubbish removal service will make perfectly clear what it will and will not remove. Get a list from them and make sure it matches your requirements

Specialist profile

If, for instance, you own a butchery where off-cuts need to be removed, or you are arranging for the removal of medical and other waste from a hospital, you need to find a specialist rubbish removal service that will ensure that the waste is disposed of properly in a crematory or a properly assigned rubbish dump.

Cost and times

A good rubbish removal service will be clear about the amount they charge by weight or per load. They will also notify you of the exact times that they collect the waste each week.